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n4s was written and designed by Mike Afshari

This package was originally written for my own personal use, but it soon became popular among the new developers I was mentoring online. Python's ability to abstract common tasks is precisely what draws the attention of so many new programmers – that and all the numerical gymnastics data scientists use pandas for – making a library like this perfectly suitable for developers of all levels.

I wanted to write something that was easy enough for new developers to understand, but complex enough to be suitable for more experienced programmers to use in their own projects. Being a software engineer is just as much about what you code as it is about how you code - both requiring the pillars of compatibility, readability and sustainability.

While I don't think that this library is a replacement for using vanilla Python, it is more akin to Harvard University's CS50 library, in that it abstracts code functionality in effort to maximize the aforementioned pillars within a collaborative work environment.

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n4s is 100% free for personal and commercial use. While I would appreciate being credited if you're using it for your business, it is not required — but very much appreciated. You do not have the right to redistribute, alter, sell or charge any amount of money for this package.

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